Cobra Tour Trusty

We dish out Golfmagic Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to our favourite premium wedges on the market in 2014

Cobra Tour Trusty

Brand: Cobra
Wedge: Tour Trusty
Best price: £79.99
Lofts: 48- to 64-degree
Lie: 64-degree
8- to 12-degree
Sole grind: Tour Notch K-Grind
Finishes: Tour Matte Satin and Black PVD
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold

Summary: Cobra has partnered up once again with short-game guru Phil Rodgers to bring back the Trusty Rusty wedges. Using Phil's extensive expertise, the successful attributes of the original Trusty Rusty and new technology, Cobra has created the modernised Trusty Rusty; complete with non-plated finishes, Tri-Bounce sole and laser precision technology. 

Looks: The wedge is available in three beautiful finishes which we would have been more than happy to have in the bag. Minimal branding gives the club a classy appearance and the Cobra logo, which sits in a indented space, looks great. This is a classic classic-looking wedge which most people would be proud to bag.

Feel: Out the middle this wedge felt as good as any we hit with a soft, crisp feel on offer. However, stray from the sweetspot and it becomes less appealing with a hard, mean feel being sent back down the shaft. Moral of the story, hit it out the middle. There is a good amount of feedback on offer which meant we felt in control of our shots. 

Performance: In terms of accuracy and distance, we found the Trusty Rusty to be around middle of the pack. It’s biggest pro was the forgiveness on offer as we found that, in contrary to the feel of the club, if we missed the sweetspot we still got decent results. This meant consistency was excellent and dispersion was really impressive, both imperative attributes in a wedge. Cobra has designed the grooves to USGA limits, with laser precision technology and a non-plated finish employed to promote maximum spin. We found they worked well but not anything outstanding in terms of spin from around the green and out the bunker. We were able to play a range of shots with this around the greens thanks to the tri-bounce sole with rear scallop.

Verdict: This is a solid wedge that a variety of golfers can enjoy. With the forgiveness on offer, the Trusty Rusty could be put in play by mid handicappers while low handicappers may want to look elsewhere if they want a club for pure performance reasons. Good from both a full wedge distance, around the greens and out of the bunkers and allows golfers to work ball flight with ease.

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