Golf wedges 2015 review

We test some of the best wedges for 2015 and award gold awards to our favourite four

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Sat, 15 Aug 2015
Golf wedges 2015 review

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Searching for a new wedge? You are in the right place.

We have tested 10 of the best new wedges on the market at Silvermere Golf Club with the help of a GC2 launch monitor. 

Acting as the goalkeepers of our game by saving us shots from both turf and sand, the latest batch of wedges come in different lofts, finishes, bounce and grinds to help us get closer to the pin from anywhere inside of 125 yards. 

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Some create additional spin, others feel easier to control, a few simply look outright cool.

Four of them do it all. Here's our verdict. 

Bettinardi H2 - BRONZE

Hot: Soft, buttery forged feel around the greens; easy to control out of sand; great turf interaction

Not: Not as much backspin on full wedge strikes as our gold winners; not the most forgiving so more of a wedge for the better player; £140 looks a little steep in comparison to others

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Bridgestone J15 - BRONZE

Hot: Sure Contact Sole provides more heel relief and versatility around the greens; lovely forged feel and neat finish with a long groove across the back; good value at £100

Not: Struggled to get the backspin anywhere near the top four on full shots; it feels half an inch too long in the standard offering

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Callaway Mack Daddy 2 - GOLD

Hot: Screams spin from just looking at it, and it delivers; strong distance on full wedge strikes; a lovely one bounce, check, release feel about it; great value at under £90

Not: Slightly smaller and compact look compared to others which may detract some players

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Cobra Tour Trusty - SILVER

Hot: One of the more forgiving wedges; classic-looking headshape; good distance; nice feel on centre strikes; very good value at £80

Not: Backspin on full shots and grab out the sand was not quite as strong as some of the gold winners

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Mizuno S5 - GOLD

Hot: Fresh new blue plated finish appeals to the eye, as too the white satin finish; ample forgiveness from the large, deep face; strong backspin on full shots from the new Quad Cut grooves; soft buttery feel on shots around the greens; a terrific asset to any player's bag this season at £110

Not: Slightly lighter shaft and less custom options than the Mizuno MP T5 may detract some better players

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Mizuno MP-T5 - SILVER

Hot: Strong backspin from the new Quad Cut grooves; much more of a better player look about it; offers better versatility; good variety as there are 14 different lofts from 49- to 62-degree as the wedge comes in one-degree increments; decent value at £90 

Not: Less forgiving than the Mizuno S5; slightly heavier feel was not quite for us but that may appeal to others

Full Review: Mizuno MP-T5

Nike Engage - SILVER

Hot: Easy to control out the greenside rough and sand; good feedback on all strikes; good variety as available in three different sole designs (Square, Toe Sweep and Dual); dark raw finish reduces glare and increases surface roughness for improved control

Not: Solid backspin on full-blooded strikes but slightly sly of the zip created by our top four

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF - GOLD

Hot: Best wedge in TaylorMade's history; lovely looking head shape; Electroformed (EF) Nickel Cobalt grooves created the strongest spin rate in our test on full strikes; dark finish appeals at address and reduces glare; avaialble in a Tour grind for more heel relief and an ATV grind for added forgiveness; superb value for money at £119

Not: We are still thinking of one

Full Review: TaylorMade EF

Titleist Vokey Design SM5 - GOLD

Hot: Arguably the best looking wedge in the game; great backspin on full strikes; soft and buttery around the greens; very crisp sound at impact on centre strikes; a plethora of grinds, finishes and bounce options available; great value at £100

Not: There are more forgiving wedges on the market for higher handicap players

Full Review: Titleist SM5

Wilson Staff FG Tour TC - SILVER

Hot: Aversatile wedge that performs well around the greens and on full shots down the line; solid backspin on full strikes; available in black PVD or satin; great value at less than £80

Not: Not the longest, but thankfully it's only a wedge; quite head heavy but that may appeal

Full Review: Wilson Staff FG Tour TC

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