Golfstream DV.8

Here are ten of our favourite electric golf trolleys on the market this season...

Golfstream DV.8

Golfstream Remote Control DV.8

The Remote Control DV.8 is the flagship trolley in the range of four 100% British-built Golfstream products, all precision engineered with painstaking attention to detail and designed to be the most reliable powered golf trolleys available.

This DV.8 includes Sprung suspension, Anti-splatter Mudguards, machined contrast colour anodised metal fittings, Fold Under Zero-Tip Rear Stabiliser Wheel, fold-under Anti-Clog Front Wheel HousingTM, twin 200 watt motors and CaddyCell lithium power source.

The Zero-Tip Rear Stabiliser Wheel prevents the trolley from falling backwards on sharp inclines, while the Anti-Clog Front Wheel HousingTM slides out and folds under to make the DV.8 incredibly compact when being stored or transported. 

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And with a T-bar handle, hidden aerial and full digital display powered by industry-leading Electromech electronics, the DV.8 can be fully controlled bythe handset up to 100 meters away for direction, flat speed adjustment and braking, it even goes in reverse!

Available at RRP £999 in Lithium only.

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