Lynx Boom Boom 3 Hybrid

We review ten of the latest golf hybrids on the market but which is the best?

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Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Brand: Lynx
Hybrid: Boom Boom 3
RRP: £185
Available lofts: 19- & 22-degree
Aldila RIP NV

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Watch the video above to see how the Golfmagic Hybrids Test 2014 was conducted


Lynx Boom Boom 3 Hybrid has Forged BiTi Technology built into it and is finished in a PVD coating. The club comes stock with an Aldila RIP NV black shaft.


On first look, it’s hard to differentiate the face from the crown which instantly put three testers off. It's all the same colour. The head shape is tear-shaped and we would have preferred to look down at something a little more compact. Brian noted how the face looks very offset. Matte black finish to crown, however, ensures no glare issues to speak of out in the sun. 2.75 (out of 5)


When you get this one out the middle it provides you with a soft, springy feel. If you miss the sweet spot expect to receive a shock. A little head heavy but the Aldila shaft saved it somewhat as it was easy to control through the swing. 6.75 (out of 10)


Impressive distance when cracking one out the centre but for the higher handicapper, where cracking one out the centre isn't always the case, there is minimal forgiveness on offer. If you don’t hit it from the sweet spot then you will lose considerable distance. Good workability, however, and we believe it's much better suited in the hands of a lower handicapper. 7 (out of 10)


As the name suggests, it really does boom when hitting it out the sweet spot. The average golfer craving a forgiving hybrid will want to look elsewhere, however. Not the prettiest hybrid we've seen on the market this year but golf is no fashion show after all. Lynx is certainly making a move in the right direction and the brand has some particularly strong products on the market in 2014, but in all honesty, the BB3 Hybrid at £185 isn't one of them. 16.5 (out of 25)

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