Ten of the Best: Golf Grips 2014

Get a grip of your game with some of our favourite golf grips of 2014

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Wed, 3 Sep 2014
Ten of the Best: Golf Grips 2014

Brand: Golf Pride
Name: New Decade MultiCompound Platinum
Core Size: 60 R
Weight: 49.5 (Standard)
Colours: Scarlet, Midnight Blue and White
Available from: £7
Website: www.golfpride.com

The New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series from Golf Pride introduces four exciting new colours to this Tour-proven line of hybrid grips.

The Platinum Series features a grey upper section designed with Golf Pride’s exclusive BCT® cord for all-weather control, and high-performance rubber in the lower hand for ultimate comfort and responsiveness.

Review: Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum

What we love most about this Golf Pride grip is that it's not only eye-catching to look at, instilling confidence at address, but it's a hybrid grip that essentially offers two grips in one.

You've got the lower part of the grip (rubber) promoting great feel and the upper part (BCT Cord) aiding terrific levels of traction.

Exclusive: Golf Pride Interview

We like the hybrid technology of two different materials working in tangent. Utilising both cord and rubber, this grip provides an ideal combination of Moisture Management, control and responsiveness. We also enjoyed decent levels of feedback through impact and a high surface texture for superb traction.

Golf Pride was the leading grip of choice at last month's US PGA Championship with 79% of players competing in the season’s final major using the brand.

Of those playing Golf Pride, 26 players relied on the brand’s popular New Decade MultiCompound grips, with advanced moisture management and hybrid cord/rubber grip technologies, in trying to negotiate the rain-soaked Valhalla Golf Club.

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