Yonex VXF

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Yonex VXF


Brand: Yonex
Game improvement iron: VXF
RRP: £399 Best price: £349
Loft: 28-degree Lie: 62.5-degree Length: 37.5” Swing Weight: D2
Shaft: True Temper Dynalite 100 Grip: Original Rubber

Summary: The new VXF iron features a Double Undercut Cavity Construction where the secondary cavity and reduced sole depth produces increased power from the face while expanding the sweet spot. An elastomer backing situated behind the ultra thin 3mm face generates maximum power.

Pleasant-looking at address, the 10% larger head produces an increased MOI for increased accuracy and that helped instil us with confidence while standing over the ball. In terms of the top-line, it’s a little on the thick side but by no means off-putting. 7.5

Feel: The elastomer backing behind an ultra thin face dampened vibration for high levels of feel and the lightweight True Temper Dynalite 100 shaft helped us hit the ball on a mid-to-high launch angle. 7.5

Performance: This iron will help you get the ball airborne and provide you the benefit of doubt when hitting one out the toe. While this iron was not flying any further than the others - averaging around the 162-yard mark - shots were consistent with the ball travelling nicely up off the face and landing softly. 8.5


The confidence that extra forgiveness gives to mid-to-high handicap golfers is unprecedented as you can play to your maximum ability every time you take to the course. The VXF does exactly that, but most importantly, doesn't burn too much of a hole in the wallet during these tricky economic times. 23.5

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