THIS is What Happens at a Titleist Vokey SM9 Custom Fitting

GolfMagic heads to the Titleist National Fitting Centre at St Ives Golf Club to get custom fit for the new Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges.

Stunning looks, soft feel, so many different grind options to choose from and suit playing preferences, supreme greenside control, consistent distance control once dialled in, best all-round wedges we have ever tested
Still thinking of one

Ever wondered what happens at a custom wedge fitting session? If so, you're in luck as GolfMagic headed down to the incredible Titleist National Fitting Centre at St Ives Golf Club in Cambridgeshire to learn more. 

GolfMagic's Equipment Editor Alex Lodge met up with Titleist fitting expert James Robinson and went through the full custom fitting process for a new set of stunning Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges. 



We will have a further in-depth review of the wedges themselves when they get sent to us soon, but for now, here's how our fitting session went down. 

It's fair to say that wedges are often some of the clubs we tend to overlook when it comes to custom fitting, when really it's the most important part of our game given just how many shots we play with our short game clubs. 

We were blown away by this wedge fitting experience, and it has certainly opened our eyes to where we had been going wrong in the wedge department for the past few years with off-the-shelf wedges in our bags. 

WATCH OUR SM9 FITTING VIDEO BELOW - and stay tuned for our full SM9 wedge review soon where we will go into more depth about the clubs themselves, and reveal exactly how much improvement we have seen from them having been custom fit to Alex's game. 



Alex from GolfMagic says: 

"The experience I had at Titleist's National Fitting Centre opened my eyes to the importance of being fit for every club in your bag.

"At 6ft 4, I will never fit into an 'off the rack' club. But it's often overlooked as to how big of a difference it is. James (Titleist club fitter) was able to change my strike pattern on my wedges from off the toe to out the middle by lengthening the club.

"This was enough for me, but we then went into detail for every wedge in my bag, and were able to find a set up that would work on every course.

"This fitting showed me that being fit for your wedges is crucial if you want to improve your golf game. "

For more information about Titleist Custom Fitting and the SM9 wedges themselves, please visit the Titleist website.

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