PING G410 3 Wood Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews the PING G410 3 wood at Farleigh Golf Club.

PING G410 Fairway Wood review
PING G410 Fairway Wood review
Forgiving, high launch, long distance, controllable, adjustable
Could improve aesthetically

The PING G410 fairway wood was one of the easiest choices for GolfMagic's top 5 fairway woods for 2019. The new G410 fairway wood is designed to offer low spin and high launch, meaning you can get some pretty impressive distance out of it and it certainly didn't disappoint.


The new G410 fairway features CG aligned with force line that maximises ball speed and increases stability for more distance forgiveness.

It's also packed with a forged, maraging steel face that increases ball speeds, a high-density tungsten back weight to increase the MOI for more forgiveness, and 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning just like in the driver.

You can now tune the trajectory to +/- 1.5 degrees helping golfers find their ideal loft for distance and spin.

PING G410 Fairway Wood review
PING G410 Fairway Wood review


Probably the most debatable topic of the G410 fairway wood is its design. The sole of the club is neat, modern and clean, but the top of the club features the turbulators that have been enhanced even further since the G400 model. The turbulator technology is used to reduce aerodynamic drag so that you get even more speed, but they have received mixed reviews. GolfMagic isn't too keen on the turbulators but the performance of the club definitely makes up for it.

PING G410 Fairway Wood review
PING G410 Fairway Wood review


Not only is the PING G410 fairway wood one of the most forgiving fairway woods we've tested all year, it also provided consistent distance and proved to be a fantastic option on both the tee and off the fairway. The high launch of the club makes it a lot more controllable and helped for softer landings when using it on par 5's if it was a reachable target in two or for long par 3's.

The adjustable trajectory makes it easy to fine-tune the club to your ideal distance, meaning you could have a 3 or 5 wood but tune it into a 4 wood if that's a better option for your distances.

Overall, the PING G410 fairway wood might not be the best looking wood on the market, but when it comes to performance, the stuff that really matters, it's one of the best you'll find this year.

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