Challenge Tour golfer has one of the STRANGEST putting strokes you'll ever see

Golf fans had plenty to say in the comments about this Challenge Tour player's putting stroke.

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Tue, 18 May 2021
Challenge Tour golfer has one of the STRANGEST putting strokes you'll ever see

I have seen some strange golf swings in my time from different players over the years, but for most of them, once they get on the green things start to look pretty 'normal' once again, but not for this golfer...

Mateusz Gradecki caused a stir whilst competing on the Challenge Tour recently at the Range Servant Challenge by Hinton Golf, where his putting style caught everyone by surprise.

The Polish golfer, currently ranked 567th in the world, finished in a tie for 8th, shooting 12-under par for the tournament held at Hinton Golf Club in Sweden.

"My putting style is very unique," said Gradecki whilst explaining how he came about his rather different style on the greens.

Well I can agree with you there Matuesz, it's a technique that I for one have never seen before.


Gradecki shared 8th place alongside Sweden's Anton Karlsson and Denmark's Nicolai Kristensen, each taking home €4,933.33 for their efforts, while Scotland's Craig Howie cruised to a seven-shot victory, shooting 22-under par and earning the winner's cheque of €32,000.

Golf fans flooded the comments section in reaction to Gradecki's putting stroke and although it seems to be working for the 26-year-old, not everyone was sold.

"How do you even go down this dark of a path to try that," read one comment.

"That ain't going to work when he's older," commented another fan, concerned for Gradecki's back.

"Different strokes for different folks. Love it," said a more positive golf fan.

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