European Tour warns players: "Prize funds will be different"

European Tour CEO tells players to expect reduced prize funds when the Tour resumes...

European Tour warns pros: "Prize funds will be different"
European Tour warns pros: "Prize funds will be different"

European Tour CEO Keith Pelley has warned professionals the circuit will be "radically different" with decreased prize funds when the Tour resumes its schedule following the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to a report in Telegraph Sport, two emailed memos have been sent out to all European Tour professionals informing them of the imminent changes that will effect finance, sponsors and broadcasters right the way down to things such as courtesy cars. 

European Tour warns players: Prize funds will be different

"Our Tour has enjoyed a significant period of growth in recent years, in terms of prize funds, playing opportunities and the overall standard of our events, as well as our broadcast  product," writes Pelley, according Telegraph Sport who received a copy of the memo.

"The impact of coronavirus has stopped this rapid momentum in its tracks, and it will, in fact, require us to reassess many elements.

"You should therefore be prepared that when we do resume playing, the schedule and the infrastructure of tournaments could look radically different from what you have been used to.

European Tour warns players: Prize funds will be different

"Many of the things you have become accustomed to, such as top class players’ lounges or courtesy car services will most likely assume a different appearance, if indeed they are present at all.

"Prize funds will also most likely be different. The reality is, the pandemic  is going to have a profound impact on the Tour financially, as well as many of our partners, both in the sponsorship and broadcast areas."


European Tour warns players: Prize funds will be different

Following the spread of coronavirus and the instant halt to golf on the PGA Tour, the circuit's commissioner Jay Monahan made provisions for their players and caddies to have interim payments. 

But according to Telegraph Sport, Pelley has made it clear to players that something similar will not be possible on this circuit. 

"I am aware that PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent a message to PGA Tour members over the weekend offering financial support to them during these uncertain times," said Pelley.

"We are simply not in a position to be able to do that. While I appreciate this crisis is going to significantly impact many of you financially through loss of earnings, as a Tour we are having to implement a number of tough measures both in the short and long term."

European Tour warns players: Prize funds will be different

Pelley also highlighted in his memo that some of the staff at European Tour's Wentworth HQ have been furloughed on the government scheme and that he - along with several others - have taken a salary reduction until further notice.

"The stark reality is redundancies may be unavoidable further down the line," said Pelley.

He adds: "We are doing everything we possibly can to come through this, but be prepared that the 2021 schedule may look profoundly different to the 2019 or the 2018 schedule.

"This is  difficult for all of us to face after the tireless work we have all undertaken to grow our Tour over the last five years, but this is the new reality."

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