Andy Murray fancies his chances against Rafael Nadal... at golf!

Murray ready to put his 15 handicap up against Nadal's 3. 

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Mon, 10 Jul 2017
andy murray ready for golf battle with rafa nadal


Rafael Nadal may have crashed out of Wimbledon on Monday but Andy Murray still fancies a match up against the Spaniard within the next week - on the golf course. 

Murray, who plays off a rumoured handicap of 15, has called out Nadal for a match on grass of a different kind as early as next week.

The Brit will likely be receiving plenty of shots though given Nadal, a close friend of Masters champion Sergio Garcia, reportedly holds a 3 handicap. 

Nadal interestingly plays golf right-handed, but plays tennis left-handed.

“I saw Rafa and his team trying a bit of golf before he went on to play his match on Friday, they had the putter out for a little bit of friendly competition,” said Murray.

“I don't really play much golf and I know Rafa plays all the time, but putting is a very specific skill and I fancy my chances.

“Maybe we'll line that one up for next week, why not?”