Argentinian business to design wacky new golf buggy!

New range of semi-autonomous golf buggies to launch in 2018.

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Fri, 24 Mar 2017

A new range of semi-autonomous golf buggies are being developed by an Argentinian business based in south Leicestershire.

The company, who has chosen to locate in the UK to ensure easier access to material and British skills, hopes to have its first range of vehicles in position by next year. 

It also plans to have 50 engineers and administrative emplyed on its site within the space of five years.

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The new Baro One Golf Car is being designed to work in closed neighbourhoods such as golf courses, technology parks and university campuses.

Software programmed into the vehicles contains a pre-loaded map of the course or campus – enabling safe navigation between holes or buildings without much input from the driver.

The golf cars will have adjustable steering which means they can be driven from either the left or the right seat, with a suspension system that will give a smooth ride over the rolling terrain of a golf course.

They will also use perimeter sensors and a camera, connected to a central computer, for a combination of autonomous driving and driver assistance.

Baro Vehicles hopes to make the technology fully driverless by 2020.