Brooks Koepka and Brandel Chamblee feud continues

Brooks Koepka and Brandel Chamblee have been at each other again on Twitter following The Northern Trust.

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Tue, 13 Aug 2019

Brooks Koepka and Brandel Chamblee have locked horns in the past, when Chamblee said that only Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy were good enough to challenge the legacy of Tiger Woods. This clearly hit a nerve with Koepka, who responded by tweeting a photo he had been sent of Chamblee with a clown nose.

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A few weeks later, Koepka made Chamblee eat his words, when the big-hitting American won his fourth major championship and successfully defended the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black.

Chamblee was quick to praise Koepka on Twitter and received some expected stick from golf fans around the world who came to the defence of Koepka, who has proven to be one of the best major players in recent history.

A few months down the line and Koepka and Chamblee have clashed again. It started at The Northern Trust where Bryson DeChambeau was defending himself, following the recent onslaught he experienced due to videos emerging of him taking nearly three minutes to hit a 70 yard pitch shot and a similar length of time for a ten foot putt.

DeChambeau made the point that there are players who take a long time to get to their ball, compared to himself who hits it further than a lot of others on Tour, so he can't get any of his numbers until the players behind him have hit, as he doesn't want to get in their line of sight.

Chamblee agreed with DeChambeau, saying: “The rudest players you ever play with are not slow,” Chamblee said on Saturday. “They may be annoying, but they are not rude. The rudest players you ever play with are fast players. You heard Bryson DeChambeau say if I hit it past somebody I’m not going to go up and get in front of him. But fast players will do that. And I can promise you it’s not the proper etiquette.”

The Golf Channel pundit then referenced to a video of Koepka earlier in the week when he was playing with Rory McIlroy. Koepka was ahead of McIlroy in the fairway and stood to the side while he waited for McIlroy to play his shot and Chamblee made the point that Koepka was in McIlroy's line of sight.

Koepka saw what Chamblee had said about him and took to Twitter to let him know how he felt.



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