Family friend of Tiger Woods: "He's not going to like this s*** at all"

A family friend of Tiger Woods who is featuring on the two-part HBO documentary believes the 15-time major champion will not like what he sees.

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Wed, 13 Jan 2021

The first episode of the two-part HBO documentary 'Tiger' was aired last Sunday, which received mixed reviews from those who have seen it so far, but a family friend of Tiger Woods - who is featuring on the documentary - strongly believes that Woods will not like what he sees, if he decides to watch it himself.

Many Woods fans have already slammed the documentary and its producers for the negative way in which Woods is portrayed, while his agent Mark Stenberg called it "salacious".

It's been said that those who are still close with Woods and are a part of his trusted inner circle are not speaking on the documentary, instead it is filled with segments from people with broken relationships with the 15-time major champion, such as his former caddie Steve Williams and ex-girlfriend Rachel Uchitel.

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Joe Grohman, a 'family friend' of Woods (which is hard to believe if he is featuring on the documentary), said: "He's not going to like this sh*t at all."



The documentary focuses on Woods' personal life, including his relationship with his father, Earl, who passed away in 2006, whilst some of his greatest accomplishments, such as his epic comeback to win the 2018 Tour Championship, are not even mentioned.

"Like all of us, he's human; he's flawed," one of the co-directors Matthew Heineman told CNN Sports. "And unlike all of us, his life has played out in the public eye in a way that probably no one else's life has. Tiger is an incredibly complex person; we want to really embrace that nuance and that complexity."

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