Fescue & Dunes: bringing great coffee to golfers in the UK

Coffee for Golfers: the perfect coffee to help keep your game sharp

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Sun, 21 Feb 2021
Fescue & Dunes: bringing great coffee to golfers in the UK

Finding good quality coffee can often prove a bit of a minfield, but our friends at Fescue & Dunes have certainly come up with the answer ahead of golf's imminent return in England

GolfMagic tried out the brand's 'Sip It & Rip It' signature Honduran blend of coffee earlier this week, and we could not have been more impressed. It's got that perfect winter roast coffee taste, with tones of plum, apple and creamy milk chocolate. 

Fescue & Dunes' coffee is blended and roasted here in the United Kingdom, and the company claims it is "sourced from ethical sources where human rights and the environment are respected."

"Let the ‘let’s be honest’ dire coffee you pick up from the Pro-Shop pre round be a thing of the past," Fescue & Dunes told us over the phone before sending us a sample to try out earlier this month.

"Find a flavour that you like to make up at home and take a flask of great tasting coffee in your golf bag."



Coffee has a number of benefits for golfers, one of which is that it can help maintain energy and focus levels. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties as well. But let's be honest - a good sip of coffee during the round is a great way to take your mind off a missed putt, or a less than perfect drive. 

Here's a look at what Fescue & Dunes has to offer:

> Sip It & Rip It - signature Honduran blend, as discussed above. 

> Bring It Home - the brand's best-selling Columbian coffee, full of bright apple notes, lime zing with a brown sugar sweetness.

> Links Dreaming - the newest addition of Ethiopian coffee that has a milk chocolate sweetness combined with notes of cherry, pineapple and hints of vanilla.

RRP: £10

Ratio - 75g for a 1L cafetiere 

We recommend - Add 75g of coarse ground coffee, topped up with a litre of water, brewed for 4 minutes.