GEO Foundation launches Sustainable Scorecard as part of special week

The GEO Foundation began the Sustainable Golf Week initiative to promote sustainable habits and decisions to golfers around the world.

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Tue, 4 Oct 2022
GEO Foundation launches Sustainable Scorecard as part of special week

The GEO Foundation has encouraged golfers around the world to contribute to the Driving The Green Agenda as part of the first Sustainable Golf Week.

Running until October 9, the week will reflect and celebrate the sustainability work being done throughout the world of golf, while also promoting a greener future in the game.

The Sustainability Scorecard includes 18 tips and golfers can track their progress with tasks such as avoiding single-use of plastic and taking part in community initiatives.

The scorecard is presented in the shape of a traditional golf scorecard. The front and back nine tips help golfers to integrate sustainable habits into their lives.

"When it comes to environmental stewardship and climate action, even the smallest decision can make a huge difference," said Jonathan Smith, Executive Director of the international non-profit GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf.

"Whether it’s sharing a ride to the golf course, walking instead of taking a golf cart, or looking carefully at the equipment we purchase, every small change by over 60 million golfers can have a massive impact. Ensuring we provide a world where golf is still playable for future generations."

GEO has focused on five key topics for this week for people to interact with: grassroots clubs and courses, tournaments, developments and innovations. Their key aim is to encourage positive climate action.

Sustainable Golf Week was formed to connect more golfers to the biggest environmental challenges that the world currently faces.

GEO Foundation is working with the likes of The R&A, the European Tour group, Ryder Cup Europe, the Ladies European Tour, the LPGA Tour and Sky Sports.

The initiative is closely aligned with UN Sport for Climate Action, The Gold Standard and ISEAL Alliance. If you would like more information, visit: