Golf Rules Refresher: 5 tricks to stay ahead of golf's new rulebook...

Simple golf rule tricks to have up your sleeve to ensure you're on top of the new rules!

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Tue, 19 Mar 2019


Golf's new rules for 2019 and beyond have not only been designed to make the game simpler, but also that little bit quicker. Some of us love the new rules, while others still believe there are some serious flaws - especially dropping the golf ball from knee height.

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Still figuring out the quirky knee-high drop rule? Well, why not let Rickie Fowler show you how it's done above!

But whatever your thoughts are on golf's new rules, there are some little shortcuts you can make to ensure you're giving yourself the best possible advantage when faced with a tricky situation on the golf course.

We sat down with PGA Fellow Professional Ashley Weller to learn about his five tricks to keep on top of the new rules of golf...

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There is no necessity to mark out the relief area that you are going to drop your ball in.

As long as you drop it no nearer the hole than the reference point and within the one or two club-length area as defined by the longest club in your bag (except putter) and the ball remains in that area then all is good.

However, best practice would be to use a couple of tee pegs to indicate the area in case of query.



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