Golf voted Britain's most boring sport, according to YouGov survey

Golf tops poll of 'boring' sports - what do you make of these results?

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Wed, 10 Jan 2018

golf voted most boring sport according to brits

Golf has been voted Britain's most boring sport, according to a new YouGov survey.

The polling company asked the public about 17 sports as to whether each of them was very/quite boring, neither boring nor exciting or very/quite exciting.

Looking at the results, only five sports were found to be mainly exciting - athletics, tennis, gymnastics, rugby union and football.

Golf, however, was considered to be the most boring of all the sports in the poll, taking a whopping 70% of the very/quite boring category. 

Other sports considered to be very or quite boring are American Football (59%), cricket (58%), darts (58%) and snooker (57%).

Surprisingly, a total of 40% of pollers considered football to be boring - we can only assume they had just tuned into Swansea v Stoke.