Golfer gets beaten up with putter after asking to play through foursome

Pace of play rears its ugly head in Oklahoma. 

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Thu, 7 Jun 2018
Golfer gets beaten with putter after asking to play through foursome


A golfer playing on his own was struck in the head several times after attempting to play through a foursome at Kickingbird Golf Course in Oklahoma. 

The 55-year-old man told police that when he approached the group and asked to play through, one of the members of the foursome, 67-year-old Eddie Aday, took exception and told the victim he worked at the course. The victim said he didn't care about that, and then the argument broke out..

"It escalated to the point that the victim was being hit in the head with a putter and the top of his head and the front of the head, and then another member of that foursome hit him from behind," said Jenny Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department.


To make matters worse, another member of the foursome, 72-year-old William Hickman, joined in on the donnybrook and began hitting the victim on his buttocks and legs

"We don't normally have assault with a dangerous weapon calls at the golf course," said Wagnon.

The victim suffered injuries that required three staples and 10 stitches in his head.

The suspects claim the victim initiated the attack, but the pain they inflicted upon him says otherwise. They were later charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Yet again, pace of play rears its ugly head.