Golfer RIPPED for standing at his ball for over a minute

A golfer has been filmed taking over a minute whilst addressing his ball and golf fans are fuming.

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Thu, 10 Sep 2020
Golfer RIPPED for standing at his ball for over a minute

Slow play is always a hot topic of debate and we've seen golf's governing bodies doing everything they can to speed up the sport, but away from the professional game, there are plenty of golf snails taking their sweet time on the course, but this golfer takes it to a whole new level...

In a recent video posted on the Golf Gods Instagram page, a golfer stood over his ball with a driver in hand for over a minute and even then he still hadn't taken his shot.

Watch the video below but try not to launch your phone across the room in frustration at the mere thought of playing alongside him.

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Be a long 18 playing with this guy - @joelliotjake

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The video received hundreds of comments from angry golfers, all furious seeing someone take so long without actually hitting their ball. Imagine how his playing partner feels...

"Holy f*** this video gave me rage and anxiety."

"I think he’s having a stroke."

"Rumour has it he’s still there trying to pull the trigger."

"Is this guy serious?!"

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