GolfMagic hits more than 1 MILLION unique users in August 2020

Another record smashed on GolfMagic - thank you for your continued support...

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Mon, 14 Sep 2020
GolfMagic hits more than 1 MILLION unique users in August 2020

GolfMagic has once again broken its record for Unique Users in a month recording 1,082,819 users in August 2020. It marks the third time this year that the record has been broken. 

The highest growth in terms of sections on site was from our reviews, features and news sections, while the largest growth in user geo's came from the USA, UK and Canada. 



William Miller – Managing Director & Owner - Crash Media Group

"1 million uniques is a great benchmark for any site, let alone a golf site in the UK which has traditionally seen much lower numbers than their US counterparts. My congratulations go out to Andy Roberts and the team that have made this possible.

"We're now looking to continue this growth. We've just hired a new social media and video executive, Alex Lodge, and a new commercial director, Chris Stowell. We may also look at one of two more hires to keep this rapid upward trend going."

Andy Roberts – Content Manager - GolfMagic

"To hit more than 1 million unique users is a huge achievement for our brand and one I take great personal pride in having worked at GolfMagic just shy of 10 years now.

"I would like to thank our readers for their continued support of GolfMagic, as well as the golf brands that continue to work with us and provide us with their fantastic new products, allowing us to test and showcase them to golfers around the world."

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