How Eddie Pepperell got a SIX-MONTH BAN from his home golf club

Eddie Pepperell tells the story of why he was banned from Frilford Heath for six months.

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Wed, 22 Jul 2020

In a recent YouTube video, PING staff player Eddie Pepperell played a round of golf with Wayne 'Radar' Riley at Frilford Heath in Oxford, where Pepperell shed some light on why he was slammed with a six-month ban from his home club many years ago.

Pepperell is one of the most-liked players on the European Tour and and the Englishman is a favourite amongst the fans for his laid-back style and hilarious antics on Twitter, but it seems Pepperell upset a few people whilst playing in the Frilford Heath club championships before he became a professional.

Watch the latest edition of PING's 'A Round With Radar' below where Pepperell shares some life stories and if you skip to 30 minutes into the video you will hear the story of why Pepperell faced a six-month ban.



"A little birdie told me," said Radar on the 5th green, teeing up Pepperell to share the story. "Before you arrived and I was chatting to the locals, that you have history with this green."

"I do," replied Pepperell. "I have quite a petulant history and it actually started on the tee but we'll leave that and we'll just go to the green.

"It was the club championship, I think it was the second round. It became a 54-hole [tournament], Green course, Blue course, Red course and this was the second day and I was doing quite well but struggling on the green which was standard for me at Frilford and I had like a four-foot birdie putt and missed it and the red steam, you know, the red mist, the red mist descended and I gave it one of those," Pepperell said as he showed Radar the action of slamming his putter into the green.



"I mean you know, I think I'd only done it six or seven times in my life up to that point, but this time I got caught," joked the 29-year-old.

"I did do a great reparation job, I will say. I repaired it beautifully, I mean you could barely see what had happened afterwards, but the group behind did come and notice it and then they pulled it up and took a photo and made it look much worse than it was.

"I got six months for that."

Pepperell returns to action this week at Close House at the British Masters, an event he won back in 2018.

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