Lady golfer CRUSHES golf fan TWICE IN A ROW at tournament

Lady golfer drills golf ball into the crowd and hits the same person twice in a row!

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Wed, 1 Mar 2023
Lady golfer CRUSHES golf fan TWICE IN A ROW at tournament

A viral golf video has resurfaced on social media this week of a lady golfer striking a golf ball into the crowd not once but twice, and hitting the same person both times! 

Now we have very little context to go on other than the fact this lady was competing in a long drive tournament back in the day. 

The clip was first shown on 'Golf's Amazing Videos', a past Golf Channel show.

After blasting the first ball into a golf fan in the crowd, the lady golfer teed up another ball without even going to check on the spectator.

She then did it again, hitting the exact same person. 

"Make her cut it out," cries one fan in the crowd. 


Here's how other golf fans reacted: 

"Me after 5 beers at the 2nd hole."

"That is me every Sunday morning on the 1st."

"This is why I can never stand in front of anyone hitting a golf ball, no matter their standard."

"This is the greatest golf clip I've ever seen!"

"How have I never seen this before?!"

"Wow, that is shocking!"

"She didn't even check on the fan!"

"Make her cut it out... haha that's such an 80s comment!"

"That fan shouting out completes this video!"

"Absolute gold!"

"OMG that is shocking! Hope the fan was okay."

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