"I cut someone for less" Golf fans divided over etiquette of college player

Golf fans on social media were completely divided over the etiquette of this player from a college event. 

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Tue, 28 Feb 2023
"I cut someone for less" Golf fans divided over etiquette of college player

When it comes to etiquette on the greens, there is seemingly an endless list of things to avoid. 

For example, leaving foot marks on the putting surface is a complete no-no. 

Don't putt through other people's lines. Make sure you always repair your pitch marks.

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And don't even think about walking through other people's lines. Don't dilly dally over a putt and don't chat whilst it's your playing partners turn. 

We are talking about etiquette today because the clip below has gone viral. 

It's from a Darius Rucker Intercollegiate event. At the time of writing, the original clip has been viewed more than 600,000 times. 

In absolute fairness the player, she didn't exactly seem too fussed with her playing partner's etiquette. 

But that didn't stop a chorus of outrage. Some deemed it rude and disrespectful. Others defended the behaviour. 

Watch here:

Comments criticising the behaviour:

"I don't care that the putt was already hit. There's no reason to walk in front of someone who is still trying to read a putt."
"A lot of people here saying, 'Oh she already hit it so it doesn't matter.' If I hit a putt I'm watching it all the way to the hole to see how true my read was. It absolutely matters. She should've walked behind.
"The player has the ability to watch the putt until it stops. If she missed the putt she should be able to watch how it rolls passed the hole. Incredibly bad etiquette on that player's part."
"That was completely disrespectful!"
"That's a pretty sorry move on the competitors side."
"Jesus. I'd never think of doing that. Can't believe seeing that at the collegiate level."
"I cut someone for less."
"This is criminal." 

Comments defending the behaviour:

"In the interests of playing 'ready golf' this is fine."
"It was after the putt, no longer in her line no?"
"It wasn't 'her' line anymore. She already putted."
"Let it go and speed up the f---ing game. Already takes way too long on 95 per cent of the courses out there."
"I wouldn't do it, but if it keeps up place of play let's give this player a pass."
"No problems"
"Play on. This has zero effect on the putt or the preparation of hitting the putt. No need to slow things down further."

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