LPGA Tour pro finishes round as boyfriend comes onto green to propose!

Jasmine Suwannapura’s boyfriend, Mike Thomas, surprises her with proposal on the 18th green...

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Sun, 24 Jan 2021

Jasmine Suwannapura’s boyfriend Mike Thomas rushed onto the 18th green to propose to the LPGA Tour star as she put the finishing touches to her second round of 68 at the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions on Friday afternoon.

In case you're wondering what happened, she said yes. Check out her Instagram post below: 



Apparently Suwannapura and Thomas had been dating for the best part of two years, having met online, and they had recently been looking at rings. 

Suwannapura admits she knew a proposal was coming, but wasn't quite sure when it would happen. "We were looking at the ring and finally he asked. I'm like, Finally,” Suwannapura said, laughing.



She also admitted she first told Thomas that she was an event co-ordinator before later telling him she was an LPGA Tour pro. 

Thomas did not play golf when they first met, but apparently he has been playing a lot more over the past two years and is turning into a vastly improved player under Suwannapura's guidance. 

Suwannapura, who finished second at the 2020 Women's British Open, went on to finish tied 17th in the tournament on 6-under par. 

She admitted she didn't play golf on the weekend with her engagement ring on as she "didn't want to lose it!"





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