Meet the world's LONGEST golf hole: 1,100-yard par-7 at Gunsan CC

Ladies European Tour pro Florentyna Parker describes how she played the hole...

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Fri, 23 Nov 2018


Ladies European Tour professional Florentyna Parker stumbled across what is led to be believed the world's LONGEST golf hole in the world last week when teeing up on the 1,000-yard par-7 third hole at Gunsan Country Club, South Korea. 


Parker tweeted about her experience of the course and how she went about playing the brute of a hole...




Gunsan CC features a whopping 81 holes built on an abandoned salt field, with lakes taking up 380 acres of the gigantic 1060-acre property.

While nothing on the distance of the par-7 hole, the venue also has a 723-yard par-6 hole.




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