The Mulligan Genie: the CHEATING device blowing up on social media

Everyone is talking about The Mulligan Genie, a device that golfers can strap to their ankle to help them cheat.

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Wed, 17 Jun 2020
The Mulligan Genie: the CHEATING device blowing up on social media

Every year in the golf industry, there's always one or two products that have everyone talking. Usually, it's a cool golf gadget, or some kind of technological breakthrough, but I can't say I've ever seen so many people talking about a product designed to help golfers cheat.

The Mulligan Genie straps on to your ankle with a golf ball attached to the holder. The device is then covered by the leg of your trousers so no one can see you breaking the rules. When you can't seem to find your ball, you simply use your other foot to push the ball out of the Mulligan Genie and just like that, you've 'found' your ball...

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Strap, cover, tap. That’s it!

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Of course, this device is completely against the rules and if you were caught using it in a club competition, I'm fairly certain you'd have more than a few angry members to answer to.

If you take a look at the Mulligan Genie website, they don't shy away from the fact that using this device is cheating, with slogans used throughout the page, such as "we help you cheat in golf without getting caught."

Under the description of the Mulligan Genie, which can be bought for $19.99, it says:

Take a free drop with the first mulligan providing golf product. Dropping balls out your pocket and pretending that shot didn't end up in the woods is a thing of the past. If you're going to cheat, let's do it in style and without getting caught. 

Videos of the Mulligan Genie have been circulating all over social media on Instagram and Facebook and while most people are using it as an opportunity to tag their mates, some are furious that a product like this exists.

"If I ever caught someone using this against me it would be the last round of golf they play for a long time," said one angry golfer.

"How can products like this be allowed to exist?! What an absolute joke."

"A device that actually helps people cheat... I've seen it all now."

"Is there anyone who can step in and ban this company from selling this product?"

"To think there are actually people out there buying this product. Pathetic."

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