The new golf program that bans CHEATING at your golf tournaments

Meet the new golf program that puts an end to "bandits" winning competitions...

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Thu, 23 Jan 2020
The new golf program that bans CHEATING at your golf tournaments

Fed up of seeing an 18-handicap golfer magically posting a gross score of 75 and winning the Monthly Stableford on 51 points. Well, you might be interested in a brand new golf handicap program called 'Cap Patrol'. 

Brainchild of George Thurner in the United States, the computer-operated Cap Patrol polices the scores of a golf club's membership, monitoring those players who are effectively cheating when it comes to their scorecards. 

In consultation with the USGA, along with algorithms and data, Thurner has designed a new program that allows golf clubs to follow players and determine if their handicap reflects their true performance and potential. 

The Cap Patrol system effectively puts a numerical value to the question of a player's handicap looking a little dodgy. 

Using past scores, as well as looking into other things such as the course's rating and slope, the report then features odds and probability to determine if the score in question should be flagged. 

For example, if a 10-handicap turns in a 74, the system says this is a round that should happen once every 42 years. 

Cap Patrol is only currently being used in the United States, and it has so far got 150 properties signed up to its service including major venue Oakmont. 


"With our program a club can easily follow every player in a consistent way to ensure a golfers playing handicap reflects their true potential," says Cap Patrol.

"We provide reporting on every golfer driven from a proprietary algorithm that clearly shows if a golfer is managing their score record to gain an advantage.

"We then supply the club with the data to support any adjustment the committee deems necessary. By providing this service Cap Patrol helps ensure an even playing field for all."

Thurner told Golf Digest: "If you are going to accuse someone of cheating, you need the evidence to support the claim. This system puts a numerical value to the question of a player's handicap looking fishy."

Cap Patrol also pairs with a club's tee sheet to confirm scores from each round are submitted. That way, golfers are not withholding a score that could unfavorably alter their handicap.



> Treat all players the same & have a consistent and transparent process by electronically monitoring every players handicap index and play per World Handicap System calculations

> Assist in compliance with the World Handicap System (Rule 7) with additional electronic monitoring tools for peer review of fellow members index, scores and tournament performance

> Minimize confrontations and bad feelings between golfers’, staff and committee members by using data and analytics to support adjustments to members playing handicaps

> Creates a more level playing field for all golfer’s which leads to increased participation


> Get a great app to follow your current play as well as your play since you started playing

> An easier way to keep track of your current play and how you have played in the past

> Built in games for you and fellow golfers. See how others have been playing recently and set up the most competitive teams, odds and more

> Track and compare your play at home, away, in tournaments and more

> With features like ‘Hot Index’, ‘Last 3’, and ‘Clutch %’, it adds a fun social component to your golfing experience

For more information, please visit the Cap Patrol website