NEW RECORD: GolfMagic hits more than 1.6 MILLION Unique Users in August

GolfMagic breaks its Monthly Unique Users record in August 2021. 

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Wed, 1 Sep 2021
GolfMagic hits more than 1.6 MILLION unique users in August

GolfMagic has once again broken its record for Unique Users by recording 1.68 million users in August 2021. 

It marks the third time already this year that the record has been broken.

The highest growth in terms of sections on the site was from Tour News, Features and Equipment Reviews, while the largest growth in user geos came from the UK, USA, South Africa, Canada and Ireland. 

William Miller - Managing Director - Crash Media Group

"Andy and the team have worked incredibly hard this year to try and replicate the growth of 2020 and they've once again smashed it out the park.

"This performance once again proves that the real powerhouses of golf content are the digital platforms, and with GolfMagic right at the top of the tree, it would be nice if those who govern the game would finally recognise that shift."

Andy Roberts - Head of Content - GolfMagic 

"These latest record-breaking figures demonstrate just how much hard work is going on at GolfMagic and I could not be prouder of the team, which is expanding all the time. 

"While our target audience might be slightly younger than your standard golf media site, our goal is to produce content for every type of golf fan out there no matter their knowledge of the game or standard on the course.

"As tough as the global pandemic has been for so many people around the world the past 18 months, golf has enjoyed something of a boom and we want to do everything we can at GolfMagic to make sure it stays that way heading into 2022 and beyond.

"I would like to thank our readers for their continued support of GolfMagic, as well as all the brands that continue to work with us on a regular basis, providing us with their fantastic new products to test and showcase to golfers around the world."

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