Patrick Reed threatens Brandel Chamblee with letter from lawyer

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee received a letter from Patrick Reed's lawyer warning him over using the word "cheater."

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Mon, 13 Jan 2020
Patrick Reed threatens Brandel Chamblee with letter from lawyer

Just when you thought the Patrick Reed saga was dying down, more fuel has been added to the fire as Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee reveals he received a letter from Reed's lawyer, warning him over using the word 'cheater' when talking about the American golfer.

Reed's controversial incident that took place at the Hero World Challenge went a little quiet while everyone was busy enjoying their festive break, but things seemed to pick up where they left off at the Sentry Tournament of Champions when someone from the crowd yelled the word 'cheater' at Reed during his play-off against Justin Thomas.

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Whether or not Reed will continue to receive heckles from spectators throughout the PGA Tour season we don't know, but it seems the 2018 Masters champion is trying to cut off any connection between the word 'cheater' and himself and is willing to get lawyers involved.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee has made his feelings about Reed's sand incident very clear, when he ranted on about the situation and labelled Reed the 'devil' of golf and called him a cheater.

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It was recently reported on Golfweek that Reed's lawyer has tried to silence Chamblee with a letter, warning him over using the word 'cheater' when discussing his client.

Part of the letter read:

"The purpose of this letter is to obtain assurance that you will refrain from any further dissemination, publication or republication of false and defamatory statements concerning Mr. Reed, including any allegations that he 'cheated' at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas," wrote Peter Ginsberg, a partner at the New York City law firm of Sullivan & Worcester.

Another part of the letter requested that Chamblee signed a document to say he wouldn't call Reed a cheater again:

"As a professional golfer in a sport built on relationships and reputation, your broadcasts are incredibly damaging and have caused, and continue to cause, Mr. Reed significant emotional, reputational and pecuniary harm," Ginsberg wrote. "Mr. Reed is prepared to accept your affirmative representations that you will comply with his demand that you desist from disseminating, publishing or republishing false and defamatory statements concerning Mr Reed."

When Golfweek contacted Chamblee for comment, the outspoken TV personality didn't seem fazed by the letter.

“My first reaction was that someone is so pissed at Patrick Reed that they went back and watched all the nice things I said about him when he won the Masters and was demanding I cease and desist saying nice things,” he said. “As I read further and got to the sentence that the tape fully supported him, I wondered how did Patrick Reed find the only lawyer in the world who didn’t play golf?

“As I continued, I felt like I was reading Finnegans Wake,” Chamblee added, referencing a a complex novel that blends the reality of life with a dream world, by James Joyce (a famously confusing novel that makes sense to no one, not even the author).

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