Twitter reacts after video emerges of Tiger Woods' son

Twitter was sent into a spiral as a video emerged of Tiger Woods' son Charlie and his EPIC golf swing.

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Mon, 13 Jan 2020
Twitter reacts after video emerges of Tiger Woods' son

We all thought the Tiger Woods legacy would end the day the 15-time major champion retires, but little did we know that his 10-year-old son Charlie has a swing that some are saying is even better than his father's.

Now the last thing anyone wants to do is put pressure on a 10-year-old boy who is still learning his trade in the sport, so let's make one thing perfectly clear, this is not an article about the future of Charlie Woods, this is a reaction piece.

But when a video emerged on Twitter of little Charlie practicing on the range with his iconic father beside him, some of the reactions on Twitter are simply too good to ignore.

Of course when your dad is Tiger Woods, you're probably going to be pretty decent at golf, but I don't think anyone expected to see such a swing from a 10-year-old and as much as it impressed golf Twitter, Eddie Pepperell is already preparing for the worst.

"So, not only do I not want to be around when Charlie is a professional golfer but I don’t want my future kids to be either," said the comical Englishman.

Check out Charlie's swing for yourself below:

Since the video emerged, thousands of people have commented on how good Charlie's swing is and the prospect of Tiger himself being on his son's bag or within his coaching team.

"Love the thought of young charlie warming up for his AJGA event and cat stalking the range just flexing on all the dads and psyching out every kid there," said one account.

"Oh shit. Masters 2035 for sure."

"This makes me so happy, and hopefully he becomes a legend like his dad. That means my 3 year old will be able to grow up w/ a Tiger-Esque athlete."

"Imagine learning from the cat. The wee fella has a brilliant swing."

"I think the next generation of golfers is also in trouble. #helloworld2035"

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