Shane Lowry's BRILLIANT response to how his life has changed

Shane Lowry spoke to the media ahead of The Northern Trust, where he was asked how his life has changed since winning the Open.

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Thu, 8 Aug 2019

The final major of the year was one that Shane Lowry and the people of Ireland will never forget. The phrase 'lifechanging win' is used a lot more often than just major victories in the modern day, due to the amount of money up for grabs with a win on the PGA Tour, but for Shane Lowry, winning the Open in front of his family and fellow Irishmen was truly a lifechanging moment.

Speaking to the media ahead of The Northern Trust at Liberty National, Lowry was asked how his life has changed since winning his first major championship at Royal Portrush.

The Irishman couldn't think of much, besides that he no longer gets mistaken for two other professionals out on Tour.

"Yeah, look, it's changed my life a little bit," Lowry said. "I'm definitely more recognized now, and even coming over here to events, but if anything when you're like that, it makes you feel more comfortable. That's the way I feel, anyway. They're not calling me Beef or they're not calling me J.B. Holmes out there, anyway. That's a plus."

It seems that a lot of golf fans often get Lowry mixed up with any heavyset guy with a beard, as we recently found out at the Open where a fan with a beard was mistaken for Lowry and had a swarm of spectators asking him for a photo (clearly the Titleist hat the fan was wearing wasn't a giveaway).

"The support I've got back home has just been incredible. I haven't really sat back and thought about it a lot but what I feel. Hopefully it's going to a little bit more in November in Ireland and hopefully it's going to get kids playing the game. It does feel like it has had that effect a little bit over the last few weeks, and hopefully I can move forward and become more successful, as well, and make kids want to start playing golf, too."



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