Shooter McGavin challenges Tiger Woods, Happy Gilmore and Phil Mickelson

Shooter McGavin and Tiger Woods vs Happy Gilmore and Phil Mickelson - golf fans are LOVING IT! 

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Fri, 19 Feb 2021
Shooter McGavin challenges Tiger Woods, Happy Gilmore and Phil Mickelson

Shooter McGavin has taken to Twitter to announce he wants to team up with Tiger Woods in 'The Match' against Happy Gilmore and Phil Mickelson - and golf fans on social media are absolutely in love with the idea. 

Shooter (played by Christopher McDonald - the golfing villain in the famous Happy Gilmore film) has been exchanging blows with Happy Gilmore (played by Adam Sandler) on social media this week as the iconic golf film celebrates its 25th anniversary. 



"Shooter and Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson and Happy Gilmore," tweeted McGavin. "The winner gets Grandma's house."

The tweet has now received more than 33,000 likes and just shy of 4,000 retweets, with a huge number of golf fans and even potential sponsors getting in on the idea. 






"Need a sponsor?" tweeted Michelob Ultra, who partners with Brooks Koepka. "Let's talk. Meet us at the 9th green at 9."

"This NEEDS to happen. Happy Gilmore: The Rematch," tweeted one golf fan.

"Three jacket winners - and then there's Shooter," tweeted a golfer.

Another tweeted: "OMG - THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING... and I cannot wait!"


Another wrote: "Shooter and Tiger would win 9 times outa 10 with the well rounded game and sink puts like champions. Lefty and Happy will DeChambomb themselves out of most holes, but make miracle shots using creativity at times. Finger guns and fist pumps all day!"

"Wow that’s a tough one. My favorite golfer Phil on one side and Shooter on the other side," tweeted one golf fan. "I’m pulling for Shooter to get the win over Gilmore."

Check out the Twitter thread above to see what other golf fans are saying. Can you imagine the views if this match actually happened?! Would you like to see it happen? Who would win? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels, or come and visit our YouTube Channel.