St Andrews reinforcing hotel roof on Road Hole

Damage from errant shots reportedly costing Home of Golf £1,500 a week

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Fri, 16 Dec 2016

St Andrews reinforcing hotel roof on Road Hole

St Andrews has employed Euroshield to protect the roof of the hotel located on the famous Road Hole, according to the Daily Express.

According to the report, the hotel on the side of the hole is being peppered with balls, costing the Home of Golf £1,500 a week in repairs.

Calgary-based Euroshield use recycled materials able to withstand all weather conditions, which also seems to repel golf balls. 

"I was up on the hotel and the gutters are just full of golf balls," Euroshield owner Henry Kamphuis told theExpress.

"It's very easy to hit the hotel, it's right in the middle of the fairway. They looked at a number of different products and hit them all with a hammer and ours was the one that stood up to it.

“We have done golf courses before and we have never had any problems with golf ball strikes."

Construction is expected to start in January and will be finished in April.

The iconic 17th is a risk and reward hole. By keeping to the right side of the hole, players shorten their approach, but also bring the hotel into play.