Tiger Woods favours shorts on Tour: "Even with my little chicken legs"

Tiger Woods calls for shorts to permitted in tournament rounds across worldwide Tours. 

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Thu, 24 May 2018

Tiger Woods has revealed how he is supporting the movement for players to wear shorts during Tour events.

Woods once came to blows with Tour officials alongside his former long-standing caddie Steve Williams when he and Williams were told to change from shorts to trousers during the 1999 'Showdown at Sherwood' in an exhibition match against David Duval.


Williams refused and was told by officials he would be banned from the Tour if he did not comply with those rules. Woods interrupted that conversation and said: "Guess I'll be playing Europe next year."

Fast forward to 2018, and players on the European Tour are now permitted to wear shots during practice rounds on Tour, but not during tournament rounds, while the US PGA Championship allowed shorts during practice for the first time ever last year. No other tournament on the PGA Tour allows for that yet. 

It's rare for Tiger Woods to play tournament golf in shorts, but he did during the 2005 Tavistock Cup

Woods, however, is calling for shorts to be authorised across all Tours, no matter whether it's a practice round or for real. 

"I would love it," said Woods, speaking during a Facebook Live with his golf ball sponsor Bridgestone Golf.

"We play in some of the hottest climates on the planet. We usually travel with the sun, and a lot of our events are played in the summer, and then on top of that when we have the winter months here a lot of the guys go down to South Africa and Australia where it's summer down there.

"Also, a lot of the tournaments are based right around the equator so we play in some of the hottest places on the planet. It would be nice to wear shorts. Even with my little chicken legs, I still would like to wear shorts." 

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