Video goes viral of golf fan watching golf on his girlfriend's forehead

And who said that men couldn't multitask?!

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020

Video goes viral of golf fan watching golf on his girlfriend's forehead

Most men have the same problem at home. We sit down ready to watch hours and hours of golf, only for our other halves to start moaning and soon enough we find ourselves watching "something we both like" (which actually just means something she likes), but this genius had a better idea...

A video went viral on Instagram, posted on multiple accounts, of a golf fan keeping his girlfriend entertained by listening to her gossip story, but resting his phone on her forehead to watch golf.


It's a tactically brilliant move by the golf fan, who is able to keep eye contact with both his girlfriend and the PGA Tour action, without being told to stop watching because he's not listening.

From personal experience I know how hard it is to just sit down and watch the golf in peace. Just a few days ago, my other half wanted me to turn The Masters off to watch Strictly Come Dancing??? Sorry what? Dustin Johnson is five holes away from winning his first green jacket and you want me to turn it over to watch C-List celebrities attempt the Foxtrot? I won't stand for it.

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I stayed strong and told her The Masters only comes around once a year, so I won't be turning it over and it can wait until I see Tiger present DJ with the jacket. It was a brave move. But one that had to be done.

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