WATCH: Gary Player goes on hilarious rant about green-reading golf books

What is your stance on players using green-reading books? 

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Mon, 9 Apr 2018

WATCH: Gary Player goes on hilarious rant about green-reading golf books

Gary Player has blasted Tour professionals who use green-reading books in order to help them read the break of putts better.

Player was joined by 18-time record major champion Jack Nicklaus in a press conference at the Masters, where the legendary duo addressed a number of issues affecting the game of golf in 2018. 

Whatever your take on green-reading books, you will likely appreciate Player's rant which has a 'get off my lawn' feel about it...


"I'm flabbergasted.

I’m not gonna criticise it, but I find it hard to understand when you have in a tournament, I see these guys bringing out a book when they get on the green to look where to putt.

Really I find this very hard to understand. I and Jack have played many golf courses and exhibitions that we never played the golf course before we broke the course record.

I go to a golf course, you can put me on any golf course in the world, I can read the putt as well as if I played it ten times. I’m a professional golfer, this is something I’ve got to be able to do.

And the South African legend did not stop there. He's not going to criticise it. Just keep remembering that...

When I go to a golf tournament and you see guys having three practice rounds, then they play two rounds, that’s five rounds on a golf course. Now they’re playing in the tournament and they look at the book where to putt. But I’m not gonna criticise it.

Nicklaus then got involved. 

I think you’re absolutely dead right. I think it’s absolutely absurd. You’ve gotta swing coach, a mental coach, a chef, a pilot. You got everything. And now you’ve got a book to tell you how to do it. And it’s also done by somebody who can’t break 90.


Nicklaus, however, did sort of go back on his initial comment by saying he would have had no hesitation in using a green-reading book had he been presented one back in the day. 

That said, if it were all given to me back when I started in 1962 on the tour, I probably would have done exactly the same thing.