WATCH: Golfer FALLS INTO WATER after attempting chip shot

This group of friends couldn't stop laughing after this golfer took a slow motion tumble into the water.

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021
WATCH: Golfer FALLS INTO WATER after attempting chip shot

There are some shots in golf that simply need to be left to the professionals, as this unlucky golfer found out when he fell into the water after attempting to chip his ball back into play.

We've seen shots on the PGA and European Tour that requires players to take their shoes off and get in the water, but they know what they're doing and even the world's best would simply take a drop if it was the right thing to do.

This golfer, who no offence - after seeing the swing in the video - doesn't look like the type to pull this shot off, decided to attempt to chip his ball back in play after it found the edge of the water.

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It's not an easy shot by any means, with the ball right on the edge and the golfer standing on a slope. It would have been a lot more sensiible to pick his ball up and take a drop. But where's the fun in that I guess?







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"Why’d he just float there for a second though without trying to get up," said one golf fan in the comments.

"He had two choices, let the water take him or get back up. He nearly went for the first."

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