Golfer caught TEEING HIS BALL in the rough during competition

A reader gets in touch to tell us about a nightmare golfer who he caught cheating during a club competition.

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021
Golfer caught TEEING HIS BALL in the rough during competition

The GolfMagic inbox recently received another story from one of our readers and this is one we couldn't wait to share, about someone breaking the rules of golf and when confronted about it, simply denying it even happened.

Golf is a sport about trust. When playing the sport, we trust that one another will be honest in their actions and the majority of people who play golf tend to stick by this.

Unfortunately, there are some who think they can break the rules to benefit themselves and find it perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes, people might not even know they're breaking the rules as they might be new to the game or it was a rather complex ruling that's caught them out.

We recently posted a story about a man who was pretty new to the game and in his first competition, his playing partner reported him to the pro shop for using a piece of string to check wind direction (he had no idea it wasn't allowed).

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If someone is relatively new to the sport, it's completely understandable that one or two rules might confuse them, but for those who know exactly what they are doing, it's unacceptable and even worse when it's done in a competition.



Our latest story, from one of our American readers Sam who got in touch with us on social media, couldn't believe his eyes during a tournament at his local golf club.

"I got paired with someone who had already been involved in a few altercations due to his on-course actions," said Sam.

"From the very first tee I just had a feeling I needed to keep an eye on him, as he has a record of doing pretty well in tournaments but the talk amongst the other members about him isn't too good.

"On the 2nd hole his ball went into the deep rough and he told me he had found it but was just checking it was his ball, but I was too far away from him to see what he was up to.

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"As he hits his shot, I see a tee fly out of the ground as his ball comes cleanly out of the rough. I knew exactly what he had done but I didn't see him place it and on the off chance that it was a coincidence, I didn't say anything.

"Two holes later and he's in a very similar spot in the thick rough and this stuff is so hard to get out of! This time I stood a lot closer to him and as he said he had found it I acted as if I was walking away. When I turned around I could see him teeing his ball up in the rough again! I couldn't believe my eyes that this p**** was cheating so casually!

"I called him out on it immediately and he got so defensive and starts screaming at me for accusing him, whilst holding the ****ing tee in his hand!

"He ended up walking off the course and I called the pro shop to tell them exactly what has just happened and the committee has now banned him from tournaments until further notice."

Big thanks to Sam for sharing his story! If you have any interesting golf stories that you think we might be interested in covering, please get in touch via our social channels.

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