WATCH: Phil Mickelson reveals why he hasn't been out in public

Phil Mickelson took to social media to reveal why he hasn't been out in public lately.

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Mon, 15 Jul 2019

In the last few months, we've seen Phil Mickelson use his social media channels a lot more to connect with his fans. He's created fun and interesting videos to provide his viewers with some of his best golf tips, while also sharing some of his favourite golf stories, but we haven't heard from him in a while and now we know why...

Mickelson has around a million followers across Twitter and Instagram and over the last few months we've been able to enjoy some fantastic tips from the five-time major champion, that many fans have put into practice.

The 49 year old then created a new video series called 'Phireside with Phil' where he would share some of his favourite stories from his golf career, with his mother Mary even joining him as a guest just a few weeks ago.

Well as of late, Mickelson has been very quiet on social media and today he released a video to let us know why...