Wie opts for patriotic hair braiding and bling shoes

Michelle Wie sports American-inspired hairstyle and shoes at Solheim Cup.

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Thu, 17 Aug 2017
michelle wie goes all out on hair and shoes at solheim cup


Michelle Wie is never one to shy away from making a bold statement, and this week at the Solheim Cup is no different.

Captain Juli Inkster encouraged a move away from the team's over-the-top face-paint tattoos, fingernail painting and exuberant celebrations in the Solheim Cup two years ago, but Wie is having none of the sort this week. 

The American star is this week sporting red, white and blue ribbons in her extravagant hair braiding, and she broke out some blingy new red, white and blue Nike shoes.

Wie opts for patriotic hair braiding and bling shoes

"The bling shoes, I love them," said Wie.

"I don't know if I'll be playing in them, just because I took them out to the range, and they were very bright, but that shows my personality.

"I had a long talk with [2013 U.S. Solheim Cup captain] Meg Mallon about it. We did try to suppress a lot of things in the last Solheim. To some people, that is their personality. To me, that's just not it. I like celebrating after making putts.

"I want to be respectful to the European team, but I think this is such a fun week. I think this is such a great week to be energetic. It's different from a normal LPGA event. It's more excitement. There's more intensity.

"I'm just trying to embrace it. I'm just trying to have fun. I think being a girl, it's especially fun in events like this, because there's a lot more you can do.

Wie opts for patriotic hair braiding and bling shoes

"I love to do things with my hair. Even if it wasn't Solheim, I'd probably do something with my hair. I like to have fun.

"Meg Mallon told me, `Don't try to hide your personality. Don't try to tone it down. Be who you are and embrace it.’ Life is too short to try and suppress your emotions and your feelings. You’ve just really got to enjoy every second of it."