Dramatic video footage of fight breaks out on South African golf course

Watch shocking brawl erupt on golf course in Durban. 

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Wed, 16 Aug 2017
fight breaks out on south african golf course


Dramatic video footage of a fight on a golf course in Durban, South Africa, is doing the rounds on social media this week.

While not exactly clear what set the brawl off, the Independent Online reports the dispute at Athlone Golf Club began after a group of men verbally harassed female golfers on the course. A club official later asked the men for their names, which spiraled into a physical altercation.

"The aggressive, sexist and racist comments made by the men are completely unacceptable and goes against every form of etiquette this fine game demands," said the woman who filmed the fight, adding that she'd never seen behavior like this in many years of playing golf and running a golf school.

Warning: This video contains explicit language...