Will Smith's front teeth KNOCKED OUT as golf instruction goes wrong!

Jason Derulo knocks Will Smith's teeth clean out as golf instruction session turns nasty...

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Mon, 10 Aug 2020
Will Smith's front teeth KNOCKED OUT as golf game goes wrong!

Actor Will Smith had his front teeth knocked out by singer Jason Derulo as a golf instruction session turned ugly. 

Smith, 51, had his teeth knocked clean out by Derulo, 30, after he took a swing with his club right in front of the Men in Black star. Watch the incident below... 



"Set it up, we’re going to get your swing right," said Smith to Derulo. "Bend your knees a little bit... wait, hold up, don’t swing yet!"

After being struck with the club, Smith then falls to the floor holding his mouth, as Derulo says: "You should put some ice on that..."

Derulo then says: "I got a thing..." as Smith replies: "No, it’s my turn. I’m gonna do one swing."

"Er, we could just talk about this," replies Derulo as Smith then goes after him with his golf club. 

Yes, don't worry, it's just a TikTok prank.