Xtreme Golfers Association: would YOU play on Shooter McGavin's new Tour?

Golf fans react to proposed Xtreme Golfers Association idea on social media. It does sound pretty epic to be fair!

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021
Xtreme Golfers Association: would YOU play on Shooter McGavin's new Tour?

The PGA Tour and European Tour may have silenced a proposed new Premier Golf League idea recently, but golf fans on social media are all about Shooter McGavin's new idea for an Xtreme Golf ers Association.

Okay, so this might be a fake Shooter McGavin (the character out of 'Happy Gilmore') acccount with a tongue-in-cheek proposal to take golf forwards in 2021, but we thought it sounded like a pretty cool concept for a new association. It's certainly got golf fans talking on the golfballing Instagram account this week. 



New rules in the XGA mean just about anything goes.

No dress code. Tick. Alcohol permitted during play. When did it not? Fans can make noise at all times. Yeah fair enough. OB shots mean a loss of one club. It usually does in my case to be fair. Double bogeys or worse mean you have to shotgun a beer. Like it. 

Oh, and John Daly is the Commissioner. So that probably means you can tee up your ball on a Diet Coke can if you wish. 



One golfer wrote: "I'd like to add a rule: free relief from fairway divots." We are certainly ALL for that idea too. 

We are fairly certain this new golfers association would encourage new players to the sport. Judging by the responses on social media, just about everyone now wants a piece of the XGA: 



"This would be epic."

"I'm not sure I'd have any clubs by the 14th hole."

"Unlimited mulligans, they just cost a shotgun."

"Can we also throw in 2 hour rounds, then I'm in."

"Where do I invest in this business?"

"I'm definitely playing by these rules after the lockdown. I don't even care."

"All over this after the lockdown."

"This would be the best TV since guts on Nickelodeon."

"I am so in for this. Where do I sign?"

"This is pretty much the type of golf I play anyway."

"Damn, please make this a thing!"

What rules would you add to the XGA? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels.