YouTuber & PGA Pro Sam Mellor joins GolfMagic

GolfMagic welcomes new Digital and Social Content Executive

Sam Mellor's picture
Mon, 13 Aug 2018

YouTuber & PGA Pro Sam Mellor joins GolfMagic has hired PGA pro and YouTuber Sam Mellor to boost its growing video output.

Sam will be working solely on GolfMagic.coms video content offering golfers tips, product reviews and lifestyle content via its website, YouTube and social media channels.

Sam said: “I’ve been aware of GolfMagic’s rapid growth over the last couple of years and love the fact they’re the champion for 18-35-year-old golfers and bringing new blood into the game.

“They have fantastic foundations and I’m hoping to really build on that.”

YouTuber & PGA Pro Sam Mellor joins GolfMagic

Sam is a current PGA pro who’s caddied on the European Tour, regularly coached players of all abilities at Europe’s second largest driving range and grown YouTube and Instagram followings from scratch to thousands. He also has extensive experience filming, editing, and publishing digital video content, and managing social media communities.

After trying and testing various ways to embed video into content,'s company Crash Media Group has found inserting video mid-way through articles with delayed auto-play and a ten second countdown has offered the best UX and has had the most positive feedback.

With further investment in video planned, CMG hopes to build on its recent video content success and achieve 5 million monthly views by the end of the year.

CMO, James Knock, said: “We’ve been around the houses with various video partners for a few years trying to find the right solution. We opted to go with Brightcove about three months ago and since then video for us has just taken off and is now massively driving our business forward.

“Huge credit to our video and content teams, and I’ve no doubt Sam’s going to be a great addition.”

With the arrival of Sam, Crash Media Group now hopes to boost its video output in excess of 5 million monthly video views by the end of the year.