Golf Tips: toe down to chip, says Faldo

Six-time major champ Sir Nick offers some advice for our regular Friday tips service

Golf Tips: toe down to chip, says Faldo

According to Sir Nick Faldo, Tour players have a little trick up their sleeve when it comes to feeling their chips around the green and it’s something you may wish to try next time you play.

“Chipping with the club up on its toe gives you more options,” says the six-time major champion.

“If the ball is sitting down a little, it brings less of the club into contact with the ground. Or sometimes if you are chipping on to a downslope on a fast green, the ball will come out a little dead if you set the club on its toe. It doesn’t come out with the full spring of the club.

“Some guys like doing it because they get their hands up high and just use a putting stroke, removing any mechanics from the shot. Others like to choke down when they chip.

“There aren’t any rules for it - it’s all feel.”

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