Toughest Golf Shots: 50 yard deep rough pitch

You've hit a wayward second and you're stuck in very deep rough, is there a way out? PGA professional David Bown gives us his top tips on the pitch shot

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Fri, 19 Jul 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: 50 yard deep rough pitch
Step 1: Slightly open stance and hands forward

The 50 yard deep rough pitch is our fourth short game article in the Golf's Toughest Short Game Shots series and is part of the how to play links golf series.

The deep rough shot, whether it's a chip, pitch, or mid-iron, can destroy your round single handedly if you don't learn how to play out of it.

PGA coach David Bown has a few simple steps to help us makes those double bogeys into bogeys or pars.

At set up the ball will be in the middle of your stance or just back so you don't grab loads of grass before making contact with the ball.

Make sure also that your hands are forward of the ball and you have a slightly open stance but keep the clubface as closed as possible to get the distance.

If you hit the ball correctly with a strong swing then the clubface should cut through the grass regardless of whether its open or closed.

Click the next slide for David's swing type during the 50 yard deep rough shot...