Golf tip: How to build a better backswing

Getting into position at the top

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John Hoskison
Fri, 26 Apr 2013
Golf tip: How to build a better backswing

WHILE the downswing, square clubface at impact and a high follow-through are vital in creating a dynamic action to hit the golf ball, a smooth takeaway and good backswing is important to hit good golf shots consistently.

From a good position at the top of the golf backswing, a golfer can accelerate confidently into the ball and hit crisp irons and longer drives. This exercise helps a golfer to swing the club back efficiently into a good position and without unnecessary loops.

I suggest you get yourself an exercise band, which you can buy from most sports shops. Take it into your garden and with a 7-iron, take up your golf stance. Hold one end of the band under the grip and slip the other end underneath your right foot. Then make your backswing.

As the club moves back in the takeaway, the slack will be taken up and the band will start to stretch. The feeling should be of tension increasing constantly and this leads to an efficient, direct backswing.

If a golfer normally has a loop in the backswing as soon as the club moves off the correct line the feeling of tension building constantly will suddenly change.

Not only will this exercise help you to feel the right swing it also helps build up the muscles needed to play golf well.

John Hoskinson has been a professional golfer for over 30 years, during which time he has had the privilege of playing against many of the top players in the world. He's written four bestselling books including a fictional novel, and has spoken to over 80,000 young people at schools, about making the right choices in life. He is also the top golf writer for Suite101 where he has written over 300 golf articles. 

Article first published July 2009, updated April 2013