Swing Sequence: Brandt Snedeker 2013

We take a closer look at the swing of the new Canadian Open champion

Swing Sequence: Brandt Snedeker 2013

Brandt Snedeker became the fourth multiple champion on the PGA Tour at the weekend thanks to a commanding three-shot victory at the Canadian Open.

Sneds, the World No.7, sets up in a neutral position with his arms straight and fully extended from his body.

At the top of his backswing his left arm and his club face are both parallel to the swing plane. His front leg is bent but his back leg remains fairly straigh to help him generate power through impact.

As Snedeker begins his downswing his hands and club begin to travel down the swing plane line. His wrist is hinged which creates good lag in the club.

As he nears impact his swing remains on plane and his hips start to open up. After impact Snedeker’s arms are both fully extended and pointing straight out.

As he finishes the swing his hips are fully turned and the club finishes in a nearly parallel position to the swing plane.

Let's take a closer look...

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