Golf Practice Drills: hands forward at impact

Struggling to keep your hands forward through impact? PGA professional David Bown talks us through a simple drill you could do anywhere

Golf Practice Drills: hands forward at impact

The hands forward at impact drill is our fourth drill in the General Practice Drills series.

The importance of having your hands and body weight forwards at impact has been a feature in a few of our drills for a reason.

It means you will compress the ball through impact which helps ball striking and ball flight control. So here PGA coach David Bown shows us this simple drill you can have a go at.

Get a ball bag, as David does in the left-hand photograph, full of balls or any bag you can find that's a similar size and fill it to give it a substantial weight.

Then grab an iron, hook it around one of the handles and drag it along the ground while still trying to retain a standard stance and address. 

The bag will force you to put your hands forward of centre (pictured) which in turn will make your body get used to the position for playing a regular stroke.

It will also help strengthen the muscles you use in a golf sawing, inlcluding your forearms and wrists.

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